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About Accessories & Services

About Accessories & Services

Accessories and services play a vital role in a power system. Prysmian has gained expertise in the design, manufacture and testing of products across all voltages, over many years of partnership with customers. The Group offers a comprehensive range of accessories for jointing, connecting and terminating all type of energy cables. We also provide engineering services capable of both fulfilling any power system specification or requirement and delivering customised solutions.


Prysmian Group’s dedicated Components facility based in Wrexham, Wales manufactures and supplies the market with products which are widely used in industrial, commercial and domestic power distribution systems. In addition it offers products for more specialist applications such as Utilities,
Railways, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Hazardous Areas, Wind and Solar Energy. Today’s BICON® product ranges represent over 100 years of cable accessory development and quality engineering.

HV Accessories

Prysmian’s long and successful experience in HV and EHV cable systems has led to the development of a comprehensive range of accessories for XLPE and fluid filled cables. Many of these ranges are manufactured at Bishopstoke facility in Hampshire, UK.