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Optic fibre data cables of the UCFIBRE™ series are specifically designed to meet the requirements of all structural levels of local networks for now and also for the future. With its outstanding transmission performance, fibre optic cables of Prysmian Group provide the ideal basis for the application of future transmission protocols. As from April 2011 all UC-brand multimode cables for LAN and data centres are replaced by bend-insensitive fibre optics at no additional cost to customers. 

UCFIBRE™ series includes a range of constructions categorised by the application areas as listed below. 

All the Fibre types including the various varieties of Single Mode & Multi Mode can be offered with any of the constructions below.

Universal Cables

The universal cables or Indoor/outdoor cables are cables intended for mixed indoor and outdoor use. They may be used for connecting office and industrial buildings or as drop cables for fibre optic telecom networks. The universal cables have a UV stabilized and weather-resistant sheathing, and in addition feature fire-retardant properties.

Outdoor Cables

Impact resistance, extreme temperature changes, humidity… Draka outdoor cables provide the absolute best transmission performance under normal and extreme conditions. For use in ducts or as direct buried and aerial.

Special Cables

Special optical fibre data transmission cables for moveable objects, self-supporting aerial usage and Fire Resistant (Firetuf®) cables among others.