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Fire resistant cables

Fire resistant cables

Prysmian's Market Leading FP Cables

Prysmian continues to be the first name in the energy cables industry. Our FP range of fire performance cables has been the market leader for over 30 years and continues to be the number one brand name for fire performance in the UK. With enhanced cables increasingly specified on projects, Prysmian remains at the forefront of the market, with its range of both ‘ standard’ and ‘enhanced’ fire performance cables and accessories to suit specific user requirements.

The greater emphasis on the integrity of electrical circuits that need to maintain the function safe working conditions of such important equipment and systems has led to the development of much more onerous fire survival. Our FP Range also includes armoured power cable solutions. We are dedicated to developing the next generation of products and systems to ensure we continue to offer quality products that meet ever more demanding performance requirements.

Dedicated Website

Prysmian is the only UK cable supplier to have its own website dedicated entirely to its fire performance products. Redirect to