Carrying out ideas for leading R&D and quality activities

We provide cables and systems for energy, transport and communications. Ongoing innovation is essential to both customers and communities and is also fundamental for the Prysmian Group’s future growth.

With 17 research & development Centres of Excellence across 10 countries, advanced proprietary technologies, more than 550 skilled professionals and over 4,651 patents granted or filed, the company is equipped with best-in-class R&D capabilities.

What we learn today will help transform the supply of energy and information tomorrow, not only for our customers, but for individuals and communities around the globe. Our continual drive to improve sustainability means we’re working towards a better world for all.

Prysmian's spending on Research, Development and Innovation totalled approximately Euro 83 million in 2016, confirming our steadfast commitment to and focus on sustainable long-term growth.

That is why we continually invest time and resources in Research and Development (R&D), forging valuable relationships with major universities and research centres worldwide, and nurturing our skilled experts and professionals. We stay close to our customers and suppliers, listening and adapting to their needs and constantly breaching new frontiers in product and service development.

The Prysmian Group has long-established relationships with major universities and research centres, including the Polytechnic University in Milan, Trento’s Bruno Kessler Foundation in Italy, the University of Barcelona in Spain, the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil and the University of Delft in Holland.

Different incentive programmes are in place across the Group to source ideas, share knowledge and create an innovative mindset. This helps to achieve not only better and lower-cost products, but also safer and more eco-efficient solutions.

Areas of innovation include power transmission grid solutions, such as 600kV high voltage DC cable systems, high density optical fibre cable systems & connectivity for high capacity broadband networks, new materials using advanced nanotechnology and new smart solutions to be ready for the Internet of Things.