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We are the connection between communication and information. As the world’s largest provider of cutting-edge telecom cables, Prysmian links people to voice, video and data transmission. Globally recognised (and record-breaking) technology delivers information whenever and wherever it’s required. In fact, Prysmian Telecoms is at the heart of a network of world-leading telecom operators. In support of a more connected future and a global demand for broadband, our innovations are enabling access in every setting – whether that be for standard applications or for more challenging, or inaccessible environments.


Our fibre optic systems are being adapted for special applications across the world: the cornerstone of building network and sensing solutions for industrial and Oil & Gas partners, providing a versatile connectivity solution designed for cable management needs – whatever the network type. And as the fiberisation of power networks continues, we are combining our experience with Energy Utilities and Telecom networks to provide solutions to deploy fibre trough energy networks with OPGWADSS, and lashed systems.

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From optical fibre and optical and copper cables, to connectivity components and accessories, we’re helping to link communities, continents and countries faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Our global presence, combined with our experts’ regional knowledge, mean we’re uniquely placed to support the needs of every customer: from manufacturing high-performance and cost-effective data cables within tight lead times, to offering specialised network solutions which enable high-speed connectivity in the core network, within datacentres, or at the edge. And of course, our proprietary optical fibre technology sets us apart from our competitors.

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Have a look and see how Prysmian is supporting the telecommunications industry by supplying the widest range of fibre optic cable, accessories and connectivity equipment for ultrafast broadband and 5G infrastructure.


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See how Prysmian is pioneering a more connected world

Award-winning technology and world-class expertise deliver the right products for every system, today and for the future.

For Prysmian, it’s about more than being a market leader or setting global and regional quality standards. It’s about addingcomplementing and enhancing what’s possible for our customers, helping them power the world’s networks of tomorrow. And providing our service in the way they need it most. 
It’s about being the telecommunications industry’s trusted partner of choice, and connecting people across the globe – today and in the future

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